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BUSHRANGER 4.3 metre
bushranger The Bushranger is a semi enclosed Canadian canoe that can be used on flat water or in white water up to a grade 3 rapids. It is an ideal canoe for day trips with the added bonus of plenty of storage space for over night camping expeditions. Various colours available.
Length 4.3 metres.

SWAGMAN 4.6 metre
bushranger The Swagman is an open Canadian canoe which is perfect for all canoeing situations. It is very stable with plenty of room for passengers or cargo and is ideally suited for the family that needs that little bit of extra space. Suitable as a touring canoe for flat water and low grade white water conditions.
Length 4.65 metres

bushranger The Geko is an expedition sea kayak with 2 bulkhead sealed storage compartments that are easily accessible whilst paddling. The Geko features an integrated rudder with drop out skeg that offers easy maneuvering. This sea kayak is ideal for long distance touring in estuaries, harbours and the sea. Available in a range of colours including multi. Length 4.3 metres

bushranger The Salamander offers speed, responsiveness and stability which are important when paddling long distances on open ocean. The Salamander is designed to perform! This is an expedition sea kayak that will turn on its own length. The Salamander is a great kayak for people just starting out in sea kayaking and has all the features that an experienced paddler would look for. Length 5.2 metres

bushranger The Iguana is the "ultimate Adventure Kayak" becaues the take-apart feature makes it perfect for transporting to remote locations by seaplane, helicopter or utility. The Iguana tracks really well in a strait line without having to ues the traditional drop-over rudder and is suprisingly quick for a sea kayak less than 5 meetes in length. It is an exceptional performer in the surf where the multi-chined hull makes riding waves an absolute buzz. Length 4.9 metres

bushranger The Komodo is the most innovative and versatile sea kayak in the world. Essentially comprised of 3 parts (where you can add as many middle pods as required*), the slenderness of the Komodo provides for a quick and smooth ride, whilst still being surprisingly stable. The extra length between the cockpits means an end to clashing paddles.
Loading and transporting is made easier by breaking a Komodo double into 2 halves. Instead of having to struggle to lift a kayak weighing 50+ kg, the Komodo easily splits into 2 pieces, each weighing approximately 25kg. As each half is only 3.7 metres long, there is no more illegal overhang.
* It is recommended that the Komodo not be assembled for more than 4 paddlers for use on flat water, or more than 2 paddlers for open ocean expeditions. Length 7.4 metres.

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BASS KAYAK 2.8 metre
bushranger The Bass can be used on calm lakes or in small white water rapids, for fishing or bird watching, by children as young as 6 and people as large as 130kg. People new to kayaking find the Bass extremely stable, fun and easy to paddle. Designed for use in low level white water (up to a grade 2 rapid), the Bass is perfect for developing the skills necessary for safe white water paddling! The wide hull provides exceptional stability, whilst the inclusion of "rocker" means an immediate response when quick turning is required. Length 2.8 metres
The Bass - The Biggest Selling Kayak in Australia!

bushranger The Platypus is a single person flat water touring kayak, available with or without a rudder. The rear hatch accesses a generous storage area, sealed by a bulkhead. The Platypus is excellent to use on closed water such as esturies, bays and lakes and it is ideal for fitness training. Various colours available, including 2 and 3 colour multi's. Features a comfortable roto-moulded seat and backrest. Length 4.3 metres

 The Saratoga is stable, quick and responsive, and is perfect to use on lakes and bays that are affected by wind chop. This little kayak travels exceptionally well over flat water, but where you will really appreciate the upturned "sea-kayak" shaped bow is in choppy conditions or when there is a wake from a passing motor boat. Whether you are working on your fitness or just cruising through the day, the Saratoga will take you there in comfort and style. Length 3.8 metres

2UP-KAYAK 4.0 metre
 The 2-Up is a general-purpose kayak suitable for use by one or two adults, or one adult and 2 children. The long, flat hull and moulded-in skeg give smooth and effortless paddling, whilst the dual seating positions make the 2-Up so versatile! The front seat can be fixed in either a forward or middle position, depending on the seating requirements of the crew. Perfect for day trips or exploring waterways around your camp site, the 2-Up is the preferred choice of older paddlers. It allows access to beautiful waterways and at only 26 kilograms, it is much lighter and easier to lift than a canoe. Some people have even found that they can do it on their own! Length 4.0 metres

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