1/2 Day Tours

Canoe and or Kayak Adventure

Let the adventure begin

Discover the hidden gems of New South Wales’ stunning South Coast through an exhilarating half-day kayak adventure that promises breathtaking scenery, a touch of adventure, and unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a beginner, this experience is tailor-made to provide you with an unforgettable journey through the picturesque rivers and waterways of the South Coast.


1/2 Day Tours

Sample Itinerary


Morning Departure: 8:00 AM - Meet your friendly and experienced guides at the designated launch point. After a brief safety orientation and introduction to kayaking techniques, you'll be equipped with top-quality kayaking gear and briefed about the route for the day.

Paddle Through Serene Waters: 8:30 AM - Begin your journey as you paddle along the tranquil waters of the South Coast rivers. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region as you glide past lush landscapes, vibrant flora, and perhaps catch glimpses of local wildlife. Your guides, well-versed in the area's ecology, will share fascinating insights about the flora and fauna that call this area home.

Explore Hidden Coves: 10:00 AM - As you paddle deeper into the heart of the river, you'll have the opportunity to explore hidden coves and picturesque inlets. Take in the serene surroundings, listen to the soothing sounds of water, and capture Insta-worthy snapshots of the breathtaking vistas that unfold around you.

Morning Tea Break: 11:30 AM - After working up an appetite, you'll stop at a secluded spot for a refreshing morning tea break. Savor a delicious spread of locally sourced snacks while you relish the serene ambience and the company of fellow adventurers.

Return to Base: 1:30 PM - As the day's adventure comes to a close, paddle back towards the starting point. Reflect on the incredible experiences you've had, the newfound friendships you've made, and the unforgettable landscapes you've been privileged to witness.

Lunch and Farewell: 2:00 PM - Upon your return, celebrate the completion of your half-day kayak adventure with a satisfying lunch. Share stories and laughter with your fellow adventurers and guides as you relive the highlights of the journey.


*Please note: These are an estimate of timings.


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