Duke of Edinburgh Award

Adventurous Journey

Challenge yourself

We take pride in supporting numerous schools and students, ensuring they fulfil the Duke of Edinburgh requirements in a safe, fun, and professional manner.

We firmly believe that not all learning occurs in classrooms, which is why our goal is to enhance students’ awareness of the world and foster a deep understanding of environmental protection.

In the Adventurous Journey section, we encourage students to embrace a keen sense of adventure and discovery. By stepping out of their comfort zones, they can explore, learn more about the environment, and develop invaluable self-confidence and teamwork skills that will serve them well into adulthood.

These unforgettable trips with South Coast Safaris are opportunities for personal growth, unforgettable memories, and lifelong learning.

Join us for a journey that will shape young minds and leave a lasting positive impact.


1/2 Day Tours

Our School Group Canoe Tours

Exploring Coastal Estuaries:
Paddle through calm estuaries, observing unique marine life, mangroves, and tidal ecosystems. Learn about the delicate balance between freshwater and saltwater environments.

River Ecology Adventures:
Navigate scenic rivers while studying riverbank ecosystems, aquatic plants, and the role of rivers in shaping landscapes.

Indigenous Cultural Connections:
Immerse students in indigenous culture with guided tours that share stories and traditions of the local Aboriginal communities.

Wildlife Spotting Excursions:
Encounter native birds, fish, and possibly even playful dolphins as you learn about local wildlife and their habitats.

Adventure and Learning Combined:
Our school group canoe tours offer a blend of adventure and education that leaves students with a deeper appreciation for the natural world. This unique experience fosters teamwork, environmental stewardship, and a sense of wonder that extends beyond the tour itself.


What's Included:

What to Bring: