Royal National Park Coast Track

Royal National Park Coastal Walk

Exploring the Majesty

The Royal National Park’s Coast Track is a 27 kilometre hike stretching the entire eastern side of the park from the Otford lookout on Lady Wakehurst Drive to the end of Beachcomber Avenue in Bundeena.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the pristine beauty of the Royal National Park Coastal Walk with South Coast Safaris. Immerse yourself in breathtaking vistas, diverse ecosystems, and a captivating history that unfolds as you traverse this remarkable trail. From rugged cliffs to golden beaches, this expedition promises a truly enchanting experience.

Sample Itinerary


Although different access points allow hikers to walk specific sections along this track for shorter day trips, walking the entire Coast Track will usually take at least two days. It is possible for the walk to be completed in just one day by hikers who are very fast and very fit, but a far more enjoyable way to complete the journey is to stop overnight at the North Era campground.

Heading South this walk can only be described as being truly amazing with awe inspiring coastal views.


Overnight Stop

Best way to enjoy the track is to take 2 days with an overnight stop at North Era Campground.